Niroch: I love to travel, to attend weddings and to observe people. I have been riding elephants in Indonesia, dining in Singapore, hailing at taxis in Seoul. My favorite cities are Fukuoka, in Japan, London and Antwerp. Today, I live in Scandinavia, and I dream of far away seas.

I read books and then buy airplane tickets to visit the places described in the novels I liked most. I have walked all the way to Santiago de Compostela, and loaded my backpack on dusty buses in Chiapas. I crossed Patagonia, walked on Andes and completed the tour of the world a couple of times. I write a blog, I got a PhD, I love to take photos.

Where we are

We live in Scandinavia, between Sweden and Denmark.
However, we spend (or would like to spend) most of our time traveling around the world.

Looking for a photographer?

Where: Sweden, Denmark, Norway. And somewhere else!

Write us!

Contact us on Facebook facebook.com/FriedOranges
Or write us using the form below.
We would be happy to meet and take some nice pictures together!


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